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The dork who could dunk

This is a true story.  I’ve changed the names of everyone involved, partly because, even all these years later, I’m still a little bit worried that a middle-aged “Johnny Kaminski” might read it, recognise himself, hop on a plane from upstate New York, cross the Atlantic, go through customs, struggle with the Heathrow Express ticketing… Read More The dork who could dunk

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A pithy post about horrid hats

People have been getting worked up lately about those “Make America Great Again” hats worn by supporters of Donald Trump. You see them everywhere at right-wing rallies in America, worn by a motley collection of conspiracy theorists, racists and low-information voters, chanting things like “Lock her up”, “CNN sucks” and  “Build the wall!” The MAGA… Read More A pithy post about horrid hats